Good Public Transportation And Your Next Home

A lot of people consider the price, the floor area, and the style of the house as deciding factors whenever they purchase a new house. While these are all valid considerations, one aspect that must be equally considered is the location of the property. Of course, the location is dependent on an individual buyer's preference.

Some buyers feel that it's important to have a good educational institution or a health facility nearby. However, most buyers would agree that access to a good public transportation system is paramount. In fact, for people who don't own a car, the public system is the only way they can go about their daily jobs.

The importance then of having access to good public transportation cannot be overemphasized. What's the point of having a hospital, church, mall, park, or business establishment nearby if you can't get to it?

There are millions of people who own cars but there are also millions of people who have no choice but to commute. The essence of public transportation lies in its ability to fill the needs of, and service these commuters. But even for people who do own cars, having a transportation system nearby has its benefits. For one, it gives them an option to save on gas and parking fees especially now that gas prices have gone up.

But it is not just the people that benefit from having an effective public transportation system. The benefits of having a good public transportation system extend even to the environment. Riding the bus or the train to work instead of taking the car minimizes carbon emission resulting to less air pollution.

For the prospective homebuyer, there is one other factor why he should consider a house that is accessible to a good public transportation system. A good transportation system is evidence of efficient local governance. Chances are, a safe and effective transportation system means that the local government is doing its job.

From an economic perspective, choosing a house that is easily accessible to public transportation also has its benefits. Studies point to an increase in the market value of homes once they become accessible to transportation. For the prospective homebuyer, this equates to profit should the house be put up for sale. There is also a lower rate of foreclosure in homes that are located in areas accessible to public transport. One possible explanation for this is that homeowners are able to spend thousands of dollars on gas and car maintenance.
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Good Public Transportation And Your Next Home
Good Public Transportation And Your Next Home
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